Alexandra Salamis

Leadership Development Coach

The world needs more women leaders like you — women who are smart, ambitious, and keen to make a difference.

You Desire...

To make your dream personal life and professional life a reality.

To lead from a place of authenticity, clarity, connection, and wholeness.

To act comfortably assertive on your own behalf.

To make things happen rather than letting things happen to you.

To have your deeply held values and beliefs drive how you are as a leader.

To be admired and respected as a leader with presence.


And Most of All:

To Confidently Lead With Purpose, Passion, and Presence.



You’ve been working diligently to increase your skills and abilities as a leader.

You are a competent and talented leader, a woman on the rise.

Yet you aren’t feeling the confidence you need to express your leadership presence.

That is, to bring your spectacular self out into the world magnificently.


To confidently lead your life and others with purpose, passion, and presence.

Purpose, Passion and Presence for Women Rising

You don’t need a title to be a leader. We are all leaders because we are the ones leading our lives. I am a Women’s Leadership Development Coach and I believe that developing your leadership presence, be it in your workplace, your community or in your life is an inside-out job. That is, we as women lead best by honouring ourselves through enacting our unique purpose, values, skills, strengths, and talents and by taking care of the things that are standing in our way. Coming from this inspirational core and leading from where you are – you can naturally make a profound difference with impact.

Your journey starts here. Your journey starts now.

Every journey starts with one step. This is your first step towards becoming the leader you know you can be.

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